1 In The BCS Already

As another college football season came to a close and college basketball is starting I always get to thinking of ways that the BCS can improve college football. Honestly this year I felt that the two teams that
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Everyone knows that the SEC is the closest thing
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fake oakleys shop wise and coaching wise as well. When LSU beat Alabama I was almost certain
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Then tragedy
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cheap ray ban sunglasses a tough football game. It was an amazing game that came down to the wire and they were upset by a tough Iowa State team
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After the season came to a close there were rumors of a plus one. College football even had a split National Championship at one time, and that does not give us
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Now I know what a lot of people are thinking, he doesn’t like the SEC or he doesn’t like the system, or he is a BSU fan and thinks they deserve a shot. Well if you think that your right, on two of the three. I just don’t like the system. So here is what I think would finally let college football fans rest assured that they get a true champion.

wholesale oakleys by keeping all the bowl
discount oakleys games because thee work and the fans love it. There is so much time during the bowl season that they could fit in a +1 by taking the top 4 or
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wholesale oakleys outlet 5 teams in the poll and let them play. Number one gets a first round by and then number two gets to play number five, number 3 takes on number 4 and they advance from their. I believe that this would solidify the validity of a team to play in the BCS Championship game. We would never have to second guess the committee, or wonder what in the world they were thinking.

If the BCS leave the money out of it and let the fans get what they want it a success. I do believe that the regular season means so much and this will not change any of that, it will just make for a better system and when the dust
nba jerseys settles and it is LSU vs Bama, or OK State vs Oregon at that time we would know that the two best teams played and there is an outright
fake ray bans number one and champion. I hope this comes soon so I wont have to second guess the BCS at the end of the season, and hope that we didn’t get the hose like OK State.

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