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The Importance of Buying the Right Scent

Did you know that one of the strongest senses tied to memory is your sense of smell? Especially for women the different scents they experience during certain events, and when they are around certain special men in their lives, will strongly be associated with a lot of good memories and even some bad ones for the rest of their lives.

Did you ever have a girlfriend or ex girlfriend who wanted to keep an old shirt of yours and who loves to sleep in this old shirt or old pair of boxers of yours? There is a reason they like to do this. You see old pieces of clothing like this would actually have your scent ingrained into them, as pieces of dead skin, hair, and other aspects of you would be rubbed all over them (I wonder if after hearing something like this if these same girls would still want this “great smelling shirt”?), leaving your girlfriend or ex girlfriend feeling like they have you in bed with them when they wear these items. And if these women get a feeling of love, warmth, and security when you are around, than this old piece of clothing, and the scent that is associated with you that accompanies the shirt, would be their next best bet for feeling these emotions when you are not around.

What I am trying to point out to you is that for people, especially women, scent is very important. Not only does your natural scent or the scent you give off when you are exercising stick with them, also your cologne or deodorant or cream that use can remind them of you or a certain experience with you for the rest of their lives. Isn’t that crazy?

So if you want to figure out a great scent that you want to spray on your body,
cards against humanity complete set, in terms of a cologne, that will help you to not only smell great and be your confident self but also to give her a new scent to associate with the amazing times with you, here are a few things you need to consider

Choosing a Cologne for YOU?

Depending on if you are single or if you are in a relationship (serious or not) one tip I would give you would be to ask women which colognes they like. If you are in a relationship then take your girlfriend cologne shopping with you. If a scent excites her and she is all like, “I love it” as she smiles at you with a sexy smile than I suggest you buy it. If she loves this scent on you and it makes her happy than this is a great thing, what more could you ask for than making the woman you love happy. You should want to smell good for her and it might make you even more attractive to her too.

cards against humanity online free, if you are a single man than I would suggest you do your market research. Either approach girl friends of yours about which colognes they like on guys, or when you go shopping for cologne don’t be afraid to ask women near by which scent they prefer. Also ask the woman or girl who is trying to sell you the cologne which they prefer. Being nice to her and getting to know her could result in one of two things: a discount; or who know. even a a date! Or it could also simply result in a woman (the sex which is strongly triggered by scent) to tell you which of the lovely colognes she is peddling really peaks her sense of smell and this could be one of the greatest pieces of information you are ever given.

Now you’re ready to shop, some things to consider:Although I mentioned above to let the women in your life or the women you would like in your life to chose your cologne for you, you should also select something that you like. Your personal preference as with all things would show some of your personal taste to the world, also you are the one who will be living with this smell the most. So make sure you pick out cologne that you feel helps to define who you are and that also smells good to you. However, do not be afraid to experiment and to try new smells that are not what you usually would go for.

A Question of Chemistry

It is very important to realize that not every cologne or scent smells the same on every person. The way in which a cologne’s scent takes to your skin and your body is a matter of chemistry. There is a certain chemical reaction between you and your natural smell and the particular fragrance you are putting on; resulting in a different overall scent that might be different from others who try the same fragrance. So be aware that works for and smells good on your best friend, cousin, or brother, might not work the same way for you. It might make them smell like heaven to some women while for you it might mix with your natural chemistry to create a smell like wet gym socks. Be aware that it is also possible to have a chemical reaction to some of the chemicals that are present in a cologne; so for this reason and for the simple fact of making sure you like a smell, make sure you always stick to the idea of try it before you buy it, when it comes to purchasing cologne. Almost every store, where you can purchase cologne, will either have small samples or at least have a tester bottle where you can spray the scent on and try it out before you purchase it. To get a true sense of the scent try only one brand of cologne at a time.

Selecting a Scent

So you are at the store and you are ready to try some different cologne and make a purchase. You are ready to find that perfect scent for you. You reach for your first tester bottle and are about to spray it on your wrist, but then you stop and realize that you want to try on more than one version of cologne today and you but down the bottle. If this is your desire, to try a bunch of different cologne brands at once,
personalized cards against humanity?, than you are better off to spray the different types of cologne onto a bunch of different cards or pieces of paper, rather than on yourself. Because by spraying them all on you, you will simply get a mix of different smells and they can mess with each other’s chemistry and in the end you will not get a true sense of which cologne really smells like what.

When you approach the cologne section of the department store or other store you are venturing to in an attempt to find your new cologne, make sure you ask the person working to simply spray some of the more popular colognes on these cards or the ones that you are interested in. From here you can sniff the cards and figure out which scents you really like and then you can pick your top couple to actually try out. But before you try any of these scents on you it is a good idea to get some fresh air or to leave the store for a while to regain your sense of smell. After this you can return to try out your favourite two or three scents and with the help of any female audience you can muster, you can make your selection.

What is the cologne for?

Are you in need of scent for everyday, at the office, for after the gym, etc? Or is this scent for something else; is it meant to entice your female friend as you take her on your first date or is it meant for those nights when you are taking your special lady out for dinner, or for nights out at the club, etc? This would mean selecting completely different smells and it is important to know what you will be using this cologne for mostly as the clerk at the store can point you to some scents that might match these occasions more. Some colognes are not as strong, etc. and this would be good for the office, etc.

How much are you willing to spend?

As with any product nowadays there are different prices associated with colognes. This can be based on popularity, “quality”, or it can be part of the fact that good old famous name brands can simply charge more because of the fact that they are a certain brand name that people are willing to pay big bucks for. Recently the cost of men’s fragrances has reached an all time high. This rise in price does reflect the growing popularity of men’s colognes with everyone from Hugo Boss to Calvin Klein getting into this market. The popularity of male scents has drawn in a lot more producers of cologne products and this is a good thing because it has provided much more selection for guys to choose from than ever before. The bad news is the fact that some of these big names charge quite a heavy load for their scents compared to the more traditional stuff out there and also because there are so many scents it is becoming increasingly difficult for men to choose a smell.

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Choosing a cologne is not only important for how good it can make you smell but also there are three important aspects of a fragrance that you should be aware of:

A fragrance can become a statement of you and your personality when you choose one that feels right for you and you wear it all the time.

This fragrance that comes to almost define you can be used to trigger your friends, family,
cards aganist humanity, and/or lovers of the thought of you or memories of you when they smell it.

Your fragrance is a part of your style. It leaves an immediate impression on people that you meet. It acts just like the clothes and the shoes that you wear.

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