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how many of us really do a good job at that? We are excited about our products and services we want to jump right in and show our prospect that we have the fix for whatever ails them. We need to learn to fight that urge to "throw up" on the prospect with our solution to their problem for if we do this too soon in the process we’re really just guessing at what makes the most sense to them. An understanding of basic human motivation will help you ask better questions to arrive at the ultimate plan that will make sense to your prospect. As human beings, we are all drive by two primary motivating factors; the desire to avoid pain, or the desire to gain something. Or,
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Wholesale NFL jerseys to put it another way we either want to fix something that isn’t working, or we want to create a better future. They may even use physical or emotional pain phrases like: "It’s killing us", "We’re bleeding", "It’s a pain in the neck", "It’s a real headache", It’s a nightmare",

to modern industry. In Year 2 these include a voice over amplifier project, and the Micromouse competition where teams of students vie to build the fastest maze solving robot mouse. In Year 3 you take an individual project of your choice. Year 1 (Credit Level 4) Subjects of study include: Audio Processing using an Embedded Microcomputer Computer Networks and Communications Digital and Analog Circuits Engineering Problem Solving Mathematics Programming Year 2 (Credit Level 5) Subjects of study include:Sandwich placement year You may take a one year placement in industry between Year 2 and Year 3. This gives you practical experience of the workplace and a competitive edge in the job market. It also contributes to your professional development towards Incorporated Engineer status. Year 3 (Credit Level 6) Subjects of study include: Business Finance and Management Cellular Radio Networks Digital Signal Processing Individual Project Mobile Radio Systems plus two options from: Analog Microelectronics

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