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who once rode a golf cart with a Rolls Royce grille only to be later stalked in the street by enraged depositors. The man who once dressed as the king of England at a gala Baltimore costume party only to soon have his royal status stripped by an angry mob. The man who bought four Rolls Royces and a handmade German sports car. The man who knocked around golf balls on his personal $18,000 putting green. The man rumored to have eaten half a dozen desserts in one sitting. savings and loan industry in the 1980s. The perfect poster boy for avarice. Even now, 10
Wholesale NFL jerseys years after the Old Court scandal, he is haunted by his former pariah status. But one thing is certain: after losing his fortune, his freedom, his wife and his reputation, Jeffrey Levitt has survived. He has an afterlife. He’s back, and he’s breaking a decade of silence to talk about cigars, money and Old Court. But it’s a lot to tell and he’s got a lot of places to go. "It would take me years to explain everything," Levitt says,

violence fuel exodus of youths from Honduras to U SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras Twelve year old Maynor Serrano points to the rows of houses where
Cheap NFL jerseys his friends and neighbors used to live. Two of his friends were killed as 10 year olds, their bodies chopped to pieces in a suspected gang vendetta. He saw homes reduced to crumbling wrecks, their walls pockmarked with bullet holes. Entire neighborhoods were abandoned in hours the result of monstrous gang violence. Some houses became casas locas, crazy homes, for torturing families in this macabre city, which has the highest homicide rate in the world. Daily newspapers are filled with graphic photographs of bodies. "It’s tough to live without hope," he said. "If it’s not there, you go look for it." He spoke as he pulled weeds in one of the most violent barrios, Chamelecn, under the watchful eyes of a special military unit there to provide protection. But new forces are helping push out the waves of young people now pouring over

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