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Health Care System Faces Issues of Access China health care system is ailing, and the prognosis for a cure in the near future is not good. Wharton health care management professor Lawton R. Burns recently returned from Beijing, where he and Gordon G. Liu, professor of economics at Peking University Guanghua School of Management, co taught a four day course on China health care system. The course, attended by 20 Wharton students and 20 Peking University students, looked at such topics as quality and availability of care, the disparity between rural and urban health care, corruption in the delivery system, medical training and the needs of a growing elderly population. Underlying some of China most basic health care challenges is the but shallow distribution of health insurance, says Burns. Recent reforms have extended health care to 95% of the population most of whom have never had insurance before a development that has caused serious strains on the delivery system. Now that consumers have access, wants to go

Get Branded Get Brandedby Michelle L. Casto La Fontaine once said, "By the work, one knows the workman." He must have known long ago about the importance of branding. In today’s competitive marketplace, establishing and maintaining a brand name is essential to your career success. A service or trademark tells people
NFL jerseys immediately what you do. People will return to those companies or individuals who have an established brand that provides value and on whom they can trust. In addition to having a brand name, you must develop a strategy to promote it to a targeted audience. The most important element to branding is having a strong sense of self and a clear vision. Your brand is your reputation and also what you are "known for." A brand is both an intellectual and emotional shorthand that communicates an indelible impression. Think of the more successful brand names and how easily their messages come to mind: Coca Cola: "The Real Thing." Chevrolet Trucks: "Like a Rock." Obviously,

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