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who also owns 50 of the business? What would be the repercussions on the business? Sales down, profits down, bank phoning all too politely to ask about the Directors guarantee on the overdraft. Then I have to try and buy his shares. I wouldn want someone else to get hold of those. At some stage I have to recruit someone of his calibre to continue the company going forward that wouldn be easy! And recruiting top people doesn come cheap. That more time and more money. The personal problems. the repercussions. the extra work. the extra stress. Oh heck, I don want to think about it all. Quickly, switch over to Radio 1. Does all this ring alarm bells
Cheap NFL jerseys with you? 95.2 of UK businesses employ less than 10 people and these are precisely the organisations most at risk from the impact of severe illness or death of a key person. The risks of a key person being stuck down with a long term illness or death are real. 1 in 5 men suffer a critical illness before their normal retirement age. Then there the M1. The fact that
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midnight, while Dallas police have responded to 235 minor accidents, 99 major accidents and 81 freeway accidents. Saturday for Denton, Wise, Cooke and Grayson counties because of a band of snow parked just north of Dallas Fort Worth. It dropping a lot of snow in a short time an inch per hour, according to NBC DFW Rick Mitchell. Might as well watch since, from the looks of the traffic maps and the still falling snow about to turn to freezing rain, you aren going anywhere. And one lane of eastbound the President George Bush Turnpike near the Frankford Road exit remains blocked by an accident. For starters. But keep in mind: The National Weather Service says it going to get worse before it gets better. Long story short: If you don have to be anywhere today, tonight or tomorrow morning, get home and stay home. The big snow that fell across the area is turning into small flakes and flurries. It will stick around through the evening, says Dan Huckabee, a climate specialist for the National Weather Service in Fort Worth

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