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Cheese’s owner agrees to Ending weeks of speculation, the Irving based parent of Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants said early Thursday it has agreed to be purchased by an affiliate ofApollo Global Management, LLCin an all cash deal valued at $1.3 billion. CEC Entertainment said it has entered into a definitive merger agreement for $54 a share. That’s a 25 percent premium over the company’s stock price before rumors began circulating that it was up for sale. Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are known for their games, rides and play areas for children. Robotic characters including the Chuck E. Cheese mouse and others provide musical entertainment. The restaurants offer a variety of
Wholesale NBA jerseys food, such as pizza, sandwiches, appetizers, a salad bar and desserts. Founded by Leon Black in 1990, Apollo buys troubled companies using borrowed money and tries to sell them for more, usually years later, in a transaction known as a leveraged buyout. CEC may seek out superior proposals from limited third parties until Jan. 29. The company, which announced Thursday that it adopted a shareholder rights plan, had been reviewing its strategic options. A shareholder rights plan, also known as a "poison pill," is commonly used by businesses try to ward off hostile takeover attempts. CEC said Thursday that its shareholder rights plan was implemented to help its board "in overseeing a fair and orderly process" and to maximize shareholder value during a sale of the company. CEC said its rights plan won’t prevent or restrict
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of pimping for Goodell and the league. I know pimping is a strong word, but that what it was. troops in 2003. It had the look of something you might have expected from state run TV in an Eastern European country in the 1950s: Goodell as Marshall Tito, and Michaels and Collinsworth as his fawning puppet announcers. I serious: Seeing the game stopped so that these two could serve as PR operatives to whitewash Goodell handling of the matter and burnish his image made me as angry as anything I have seen on TV this year. What about the viewers, the fans, the "love of the game" that you guys like to talk about so much? This was about corporate PR and kissing up to the guy who decides broadcasts rights, and don’t ever forget how the guys in the booth bowed and kissed the ring on national TV on Saturday. I not happy the Ravens lost, but I have to be honest: After seeing how they cozied up to Goodell and the NFL, at the expense of the viewers, I am glad I won have to spend anymore time this year with Michaels,

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