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downhill tee shot or a slightly uphill tee shot, depending on the location? Bring it on! Mike Davis, the USGA executive director, will be the most powerful man in golf this week, because he will head the team that determines the configuration each morning. Open. The USGA wants it to be hard, a comprehensive test of shot making, course management and endurance, with an element of adaptation and resourcefulness thrown in.
Cheap NFL jerseys Thus, if you don’t find out until Thursday morning whether the 15th hole will play at 123 or 246 yards either is a possibility well, make the best of it. "There may be one or two things they encounter that they didn’t anticipate, and that is part of the test,” Davis said. "We want to see how they think on their feet, and how their caddie thinks on his feet." At some point, guaranteed, every golfer will have a moment of supreme frustration when a seemingly perfect
Wholesale jerseys from China shot finds a swale (a word you’d better learn) and bounces off kilter. But they might have the

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