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you want to work in fashion

It has crossed over from the elitist realm of rarefied studios, salons and offices, where a handful of industry players toiled in obscurity and isolation issuing missives on what’s hot and what’s not.

Today, thanks to The Devil Wears Prada, movies on
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Then of course, there are the reality television shows that cover every facet of the industry from modelling (America’s Next Top Model), designing (Project Runway), styling (The Rachel Zoe Project) and even shopping (Man Shops Globe), which only serves to buff the glossy patina off the industry.

Then there is the endless stream of blogs, style and social networking websites that breathlessly chronicle the minute details of the industry.

Suddenly, precocious tweens became fashion experts airing their opinions on matters of style.

Yep, fashion always wanted recognition for the serious business it fancied itself to be. Instead, it exploded into a pop culture phenomenon.

So as the fashion schools swing open their doors next week to a new batch of starry eyed students looking for fame, fortune and fierceness, we asked some of the fashion players at the top of their game in this city (and
michael kors handbags outlet in less obvious roles than designer or fashion editor) to offer advice on getting started and getting a foot in the door in this cutthroat business.

Because, unlike the
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Jason Morikawa’s job at Club Monaco while studying at York University convinced him to pursue a career in fashion. After stints as a manager at Club Monaco and on the sales floor at Holt Renfrew, he is now on the buying team at the luxury department store and buys 56 brands including Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Balenciaga and Chlo.

How did you get into this profession without studying for it at school?

Holt’s offers courses online available to all employees. I took a few, which gave me a good base, but I was also very fortunate to have amazing mentors like Barbara Atkin (vice president, fashion direction) and Ruth Ann Lockhart (vice president, designer womenswear and branded collections) who helped coach me with the more practical knowledge that has helped further my career.

What’s the top misconception about your job?

Lots of people think I’m at runway shows in the front row when, in actuality, most of the buying is done in showrooms.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a buyer?

Working on the sales floor is invaluable. Try to get a job in the department you’re interested in. You have to understand a customer’s wants and needs.

A graduate of the photography program at Ryerson, Gabor Jurina had his work first published in 1995. Today he shoots for Fashion Magazine, Wedding Bells, enRoute, LouLou and Greta Constantine.

How can one get into fashion photography? Should one go to school?

You can apprentice or assist another fashion photographer. The things I learned in photography school like art history and cultural theory, I still use today. Education is never a waste.

What are some non technical skills needed for this career?

A broad knowledge of art history and fashion design. We are journalists as well. We are covering trends, so you should be aware of what’s relevant. You need to be flexible and a team player. You pick your battles with this thought in mind: Short term sacrifices for long term goals.

What was the best advice you were given?

You should be researching every day of your life.

For 20 years, Erika Larva has been producing fashion
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What’s involved in producing a fashion show?

I pick the clothing, hire the models, select the music, style the show, decide on the hair and makeup and I even get involved with the set design and the design of the invitations.

What would you recommend for someone who wants to get into this particular field?

Volunteer backstage. LG Fashion Week would be a good
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After a short
fake Michael kors handbags outlet stint studying fashion design at George Brown, Peter Papapetrou spent several years working in retail and in visual display. As a full time stylist for the past 13 years, some of his most high profile gigs now include styling the Giambattista Valli runway show in Paris. He is also style expert for Cineplex and fashion editor of online mag Mudd.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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